Mazda CX-9 Campaign Image

This campaign image was created for the 2020 Mazda CX-9 Campaign. The campaign image compliments the TVC using the same location, talent and props as the 30″ spot.

Photography: Lou D’Angelo,
Art Direction: John Pantzopoulos
Retouching: Malcom Stark

Mazda CX-9 Campaign Image

The image was shot in 3 parts;

The house was chosen as a subtle nod to a medieval castle, with its strong structural lines and use of a variety of materials. It was shot to feel graphic and show off each of the layered blocks of the location.

The talent was shot on location with a portable white cyc, to ensure we captured the same light and made it easy for the retouchers to isolate the talent and their detailed costumes.

Normally we’d shoot the car at either dusk or dawn depending on the location to ensure the most flattering light for the vehicle. But with Mazda’s new range of crystal paints the car captures the light equally well throughout the day. The car was shot and retouched in a way that makes it feel quite natural to the scene, which suits the campaign and helps the shot feel less constructed.

The campaign image was used across OOH, Print and Digital.

Date: January 2020
Skills: Advertising, OOH
Client: Mazda