Mazda CX-9 – Luxury For Your World & Theirs

The CX-9 is Mazda’s flagship SUV, designed with the family in mind. With no one left behind, the CX-9 creates a luxury setting for all.


The way kids see the world is completely different from adults.


“Luxury For Your World & Theirs”
We’ll show a world in which the CX-9 and it’s luxury is seen from both the view of a parent and the imagination of a child.

30″ TVC

The story follows 3 young children dressed as warriors for a birthday party as they imagine the world around them, include the features of the CX-9. Tailgates become rising flags and third-row seats become drawbridges as our children eventually descend on the car. Some beautiful production details on this shoot, which resulted in hand woven leather armour and model drawbridge shipped over from New Zealand.

Date: January 2020
Skills: Advertising, OOH, TVC
Client: Mazda