Co:lab – An app for the creators

Co:lab the app was born out of the desire to help talent succeed in an often tough and ruthless industry.

Quite often young talent is either overlooked or doesn’t have access to the right connections to help make their career a reality.

With a focus on the fashion industry, Co:lab allows young talent to connect with the right people and brands on their level so they can define their own career growth through connections and opportunities.

The app has three main features:

The Connect feature, which allows talent to connect directly to each other based on mutual appreciation.

The Open Casting feature, which lets talent apply to work on projects and jobs, or run their own Open Castings to help fill gaps in their team.

And, the Project feature, which acts as a digital call sheet to organise every project or job, ongoing.

I am one of the founding members of Co:lab and designed the branding, the app UI and UX and oversaw the development. We’re still in the early stages of live testing. The app will be ready for offical launch late 2020 / early 2021.

For a better understanding of Co:lab, please visit the website.

Colab Connect

Colab Open Castings

Colab Projects

Skills: Apps, Branding, Digital Design
Client: Co:lab the app