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Växa Jewellery makes handmade gold and silver jewellery and is a label by a Swedish designed called Zenobia Harin, and was born out of personal journey of growth. She wanted to her pieces and brand to represent this sense of growth, hence the name Växa, which means ‘growth’ in Swedish.

The pieces she makes are raw and organic and in a sense feel like their own journey, but attempting to communicate this sense of journey and organic serendipity felt like the wrong path.

Instead I focussed on the on the driving force behind the brand. The growth. As a brand and as a person, you never stop growing. What better way to visualise this, than through unfinished letters. There’s always more room to grow.

The style of the lettering in itself draws inspiration from Swedish design. It feels minimal, elegant but also functional.

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Växa Kaos - Product IG Story Promo

Skills: Branding
Client: Växa Jewellery