Everest Love Every Minute

Ford Everest Campaign – Love Every Minute


4WD enthusiasts often look back on the tough, intense and unpleasant parts of their sport with fondness. So we celebrated the contradiction.


‘Love Every Minute’

30″ TVC

We had several things to address in the TVC, within the confines of our ‘Love Every Minute’ platform.

Firstly, it was important for us to push a strong capability message in order to address the belief the Everest was not as capable as the Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruiser, despite winning Drive.com.au’s “4×4 Of The Year”, which meant shooting outside, in a real 4×4 environment.

And, we needed to address Ford’s ‘White World’ style, which meant finding a way to produce our stylistic white world environment, within the real world.

The result, was a TVC that presents a tough, capable image of the car and visually and uniquely stylised with a strong focus on the Ford Everest.

Directed by Bruce Hunt from Revolver.

15″ Towing

15″ TMS (Digital)

60″ TVC

This 60″ version of our TVC was unfortunately never made due to budget restrictions. It’s pretty rough as it never reached grading or online stage, but it shows the complete range of footage we captured. Striped with different music gives the ad a completely different feel.


Our OOH placements followed the same treatment as the TVC, showing a real photographed car in real 4WD scenarios mid-action, with our backgrounds transformed into a graphic, stylised white world.

The only OOH we ran was at airports throughout Australia and Bali. The idea behind this, was we capture people who crave adventure and some different. We mapped out a travellers journey through the airport, from their drive into the airport, through departures, customs, the Qantas Lounge and finally baggage claim (which showed the 30″ TVC).
OOH-AirportMelbourne airport freeway entrance

Ford_3060LD_MelbourneAirport_170317Melbourne airport customs

Ford Everest Airport OOHMelbourne airport thoroughfare

Ford_3067CCLD_MelbourneAirport_170317Melbourne airport baggage claim

Campaign PR

Bandt | Mumbrella | Campaign Brief

Skills: Advertising, OOH, TVC
Client: Ford